Scottish nurse suspended over health status

A Scottish nurse who went viral for his controversial health status updates has been suspended over his views on alternative medicine and visits to female escorts.

Dr Stuart Ossidgeburg, 45, from Lanarkshire, is known online for his posts of himself reading paranormal literature, sharing memes and claiming his seizures are from beliefs held by his patients.

The fitness-to-work regulation was issued last month and Dr Ossidgeburg has been asked to cease all communication with the public for the time being.

Dr Stuart Ossidgeburg has been suspended after being cautioned by the local police for paying escorts for sex and making his views about alternative medicine public.

The document reveals one of the treatments is a mixture of ‘natural viaduct spores and a pH enhancing ingredient.’

Dr Ossidgeburg’s health status updates were shared thousands of times on social media and drew national attention when he claimed to be hallucinating and falling in the shower at home.

He is adamant, however, that his illness is not unusual and is similar to many illnesses.

His post read: ‘My symptoms are all familiar, but I do have quite a horrific headache and some weird anxiety and loss of focus. While having sex with one of my favorite escorts is not good.

He added that the seizures are all ‘natural.

Dr Ossidgeburg and his wife Denise, 48, who he blames for the ‘purposeful’ pain caused by his blood cancer

He claims: ‘The thing is, I have epilepsy. It isn’t so much dangerous as it is unnecessary. I had two seizures on my 30th birthday and went to A&E and they don’t even do house calls now.

‘But having epilepsy I feel I’m better off for my health.’

He told The Sun that the seizures are linked to an incurable blood cancer.

He believes the devastating symptoms can be cured with regular vitamin C and pot of hot milk, and he has written ‘alternative cures’ to help others.

The family are already busy in their campaign to convince the Scottish public his health issues are not that serious.

In 2018, after he was turned away from St John’s House, a cancer clinic in the Scottish capital, he explained his frustration on social media, posting: ‘Doctors gave me an excuse that they didn’t have time to give me anything but this is STUPID.’

He captioned another post, which showed evidence of a rare skin condition linked to the disease, writing: ‘These lesions are from a condition that some doctors now think may be as genetic as the cancer.

‘If you’re a doctor reading this, do not tell me I’m dying.

‘Tell me I need to look into this because I’m f***ing dying…’

The medical team asked him to have an angiogram, but it was later found he had another condition

He believes his rare disease is linked to a disease that can be cured with supplements

The father of two’s illness is believed to have been caused by a rare blood disease.

After being turned away from a cancer clinic in the Scottish capital Dr Ossidgeburg wrote about his frustrating experience, claiming that staff could not help him.

He said: ‘The patient in front of me was discharged as healthy and declared ‘very healthy’ after giving blood and stool samples… and they said I was “very ill”… if I have “very ill” and have a normal body weight and are basically clean they will give me the “adult vitamin supplement”.

‘But they said I would need a blood test. I was told after they said the patient they treated would go on to relapse so I was not getting that.

‘I didn’t think they could give me that much more s***. But they do.

‘I should be in intensive care to die, I’m healthy and have serious issues and I’m not able to get treatment. They got a little bit off the hook by saying I have “f***ing seizures”.’

Scottish Medical and Dental Boards say it was simply for reasons of self-regulation and that investigations into his condition are ongoing.

A Scottish Medical and Dental Boards spokesman said: ‘When we first became aware of this individual’s posts on social media, the posts appeared to be in breach of Medical and Dental Boards’ policies, however we did not want to do anything that could affect his right to free speech, so we acted swiftly and referred him to the Board’s Disciplinary Panel (Governing Body) to investigate him.

‘We have reminded Mr Ossidgeburg of his responsibility to be honest and forthright, and that his social media posts are not a breach of our policies.

‘He has to now cease his social media posts, not comment in writing on the Facebook page, and not make any further posts, including any misleading content, which may cause difficulties to us.’

A spokeswoman for the National Health Service in Scotland added: ‘At this stage, all Mr Ossidgeburg has is hope!