“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” Mia mumbled as she hurried along the sidewalk, irritated and pissed at herself for forgetting the presentation file she was supposed to turn in today. She must’ve left it on the kitchen counter while trying to make a sandwich for breakfast. Now she was racing back to her apartment, trying to fish out her keys from her bag, repeatedly swearing at her absentmindedness. She slammed the keys into the lock, jiggling till the door opened, and swiftly made her way into the studio apartment she shared with her best friend, Roxanne.

She half-ran into the kitchen, expecting to grab the file on the counter and race back out. Instead, she was met with a sight that stopped her right in her tracks. Right there on the kitchen countertop was her best friend, Roxanne, getting fucked roughly by a tall, lean muscled grey-eyed stranger.

Mia froze, transfixed, watching the man thrust into Roxanne repeatedly. He shoved his massive cock into Roxanne so hard that Mia wondered how her roommate hadn’t already passed out. Roxanne tried to spread her legs wider for him, throwing one leg over his shoulder. He squeezed her supple breasts, making her cry out in pleasure. Roxie’s eyes were closed, her head thrown back in pleasure, begging the man to keep fucking her. Her breath was coming out in ragged bursts of air now as she pleaded,

“Yes, Leon! Keep fucking that pussy! You know it’s all yours! It’s your little cunt, baby! Fuck me harder. Baby, keep pounding into me just like that, Leon! Please, please don’t stop, please.”

She kept begging, sweat slipping down her gorgeous breasts while she clutched him tightly to her body and bounced aggressively on his cock.

Mia watched, unable to tear her eyes away from the two lovers who were too engrossed in each other’s arms to notice her standing there. She knew she should look away, make a sound, or walk away, but she couldn’t. Instead, she felt her cotton panties get soaked with her juices while her pussy clenched tightly, wanting to be where Roxanne was, with her wet cunt getting pounded into oblivion by the handsome stranger.

She was so lost watching the duo fucking like wild animals that she didn’t even notice when the keys slipped out of her hand and landed loudly on the wooden floors, startling her. Roxanne’s eyes tore open, and the duo turned toward the noise. Mortified that she was caught watching them, Mia’s face flushed with embarrassment, her mouth already forming an apology.

“I’m s-so sorry, Roxanne. I wasn’t trying to –I mean, I left my presentation file here, and I had to come back for it, and now I’ve missed the bus, so I don’t even know how to get back to work, but then I came in here, and I saw you guys, and I was just – it was just so… hot. I couldn’t look away. I’m sorry.”

Roxie laughed, before she hopped off the counter naked and walked to where Mia stood. She caressed Mia’s cheeks, wrapping her arms around her waist and slamming her lips against Mia’s. Roxie slipped her tongue into her mouth, and their tongues danced passionately. Her hands roamed all over Mia’s little body, beginning to hike her skirt until she got to her panties. Roxie slipped them down while a stunned and very turned-on Mia stood frozen, watching her.

“I’ve always thought you had the hottest little body, Mia,” Roxanne whispered into Mia’s ears. “Did you like what you saw? Because I think right now, that’s all you want.”

She kissed Mia’s neck lightly while she undid the buttons of her blouse and removed her bra. Then she moved backward till she had Mia pressed against the counter. Leon, who’d been standing there, quietly lifted Mia, placing her on the counter as he slowly began to massage her soft full breasts. He leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth just as Roxie went on her knees before Mia. Her mouth was lined directly with Mia’s bare pussy spread open before her, dripping with her arousal. She met Mia’s eyes just as she leaned in, letting her tongue flick over the sensitive little bud that was Mia’s clit.

Her entire body jolted as Roxanne began to suck her pussy, lapping up all her juices and driving her tongue rhythmically into her wet hole. Leon alternated between dropping kisses on her lips and shoulders and sucking her big breasts, massaging them softly. Together, both of them were urging Mia over the edge. Her legs began to shake violently when Roxie slipped two fingers into her, burying them deep in her pussy and pounding her hard with them as her tongue still played with Mia’s clit. Mia whimpered, one hand clutching Leon’s head to her breasts and the other holding Roxie’s head, begging them both not to stop as she kept screaming in pleasure.

“Yes! Roxie, please don’t stop. Just like that!” Mia screamed, head thrown back in blinding pleasure. She began to rock violently and faster against Roxie’s fingers, losing her rhythm as she begged and cried, moaning her name.

“Roxie. I’m close, so close… don’t stop. Yes!”

She was rocking faster against Roxie’s fingers; her eyes shut tightly in pure euphoria as she clutched Roxie tighter to her body.

“I’m gonna come! Yes! I’m coming!” She screamed, slamming Leon’s lips to hers. She bit his bottom lip while her body convulsed, her pussy walls tightening around Roxie’s fingers thrusting faster into her now as she climaxed all over Roxie’s fingers, panting hard.

“How have we been roommates for three years without ever fucking??” Mia asked Roxane, smiling as she let her body rest against Leon’s.

Roxanne laughed. “I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter because things have changed now.”

The mischievous glint in her eye told Mia all she needed to know:

There were more sexscapades to come.