Esther was packing her bag with the new clothes her personal shopper had dropped of this morning jeans, shirts…casual wear. That’s what Michael liked for her to wear when they attended these events. Sometimes she even carried a headscarf. She was very much the ‘domesticated girlfriend’. It was the only way, Michael said, to keep the rabid fangirls away. Michael loved the conventions but he was kind of scared of the lengths some fans would go to, to be alone with him. So he’d hatched this scheme about a year ago for her to go with him as his ‘girlfriend’.

Esther was all for it. Conventions were fun even if some of the fangirls did tend to be a bit nasty if they caught her on her own. It was quite funny actually. If only they knew she was a London escort.

There was a honk from the street. The car was here. This time the convention was in Brighton which meant she could spend some time on the beach while Michael thrilled the fans with his presence. She mostly functioned as a barrier between him and the ladies who found out which room he was staying at, at the hotel or wanted to waylay him at dinner.

Michael was waiting inside the car and he leaned over for a kiss.

“Hello Liv, how are you?”

For purposes of his fans, her name was Olivia Bolton and she was a massage therapist from Porth. She and Michael had allegedly met when he put his back out at a shoot and she’d nursed him back to health. Now they were hopelessly in love and looking forward to a future together.

“I’m alright,” Esther said with a smile, “How are you?”

She put her hand on his thigh and ran it slowly back and forth. Michael was a full package client so she had her condoms and lubricant packed. But that was for later. Right now she was going to enjoy the luxury car, complimentary champagne, and the private plane. Michael mostly spent the time conversing with his manager though he kept one hand on her ass, squeezing it gently now and then.

They arrived at the convention centre later that morning and walked through the reception hand in hand as they were led to the green room. There was complimentary coffee and tea as well as crumpets and Esther dug in, savoring everything.

Michael leaned down and put his lips on hers, tongue questing for permission. Esther opened her mouth and let him in and he kissed her thoroughly before straightening up.

“Wish me luck?” he said.

“Luck,” Esther replied as she stuffed another crumpet in her mouth.